Wednesday, June 4, 2014

He Who Findeth a Wife...How to Be Found by Your Man

Hello all! I know, it's been a while...and I can't say the whole time was me waiting on God for my next post (although at least a good week of it was lol) I've also been crazy busy trying graduating (PRAISE HIM)  I retract my promise to write every week lol I now realize that was wishful thinking...but I am committing to post more. So, I'm back again...with another relationship focused post. I hope you all get just as much out of this post as you did the last one...make me invisible Daddy...okay, let's do this!

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing" -Proverbs 18:22

Now the preceding scripture is one we all know and love as women with our romantic hearts and desire to be loved. We want to be that "good thing." So much so that we take that phrase and run with it sometimes without thinking about whether or not you actually are a "good thing" or not. Now before I lose you, let's think about this scripture logically.

First and foremost it begins with "HE who finds," not "she who wears him down," or "she who makes sure she sits by him every Sunday in church," or even "she who finds." So BIBLICALLY, ladies, you should NEVER be pursuing a man. It's his job to find you and no, he does not need your help. So obviously, the first part of the scripture is talking to men. So you may be thinking now, well this scripture is talking to men, I thought you were writing to the ladies. Well, a little meditation on this scripture will prove that it is speaks a lot to women as well.

So let's talk about it. How to be found by your man:


Notice that Proverbs 18:22 does not say "He who finds a girlfriend," or "He who finds a dime piece" (do people still say dime piece? lol), or even "He who finds a 'lady'". It says "He who finds a WIFE." Which means that to be found, you should exude wifely characteristics. Now, if you know me, you know that I do not mean that you need to know how to cook and clean and be your husband's maid. Being a woman in general goes way beyond those primitive gender roles. But what is does mean is that you are able to take care of yourself and are willing to take care of your husband and kids (if that's your desire). It means you are NOT LAZY. As we all know, Proverbs 31 is a pristine example of a Godly woman and wife and if you read it you will see that she was FAR from a lazy woman. She had a purpose and took it seriously and worked hard to get her life and family in order.

So many women desire to be married but when you look at your life and your heart, do you really desire to be a wife right now, or do you just want to be a bride. Are you willing to share your life with another. To make sacrifices and most importantly, are you truly willing and ready to SUBMIT to and be LED by your man. I've noticed that many women in my generation are not about any form of submission or letting go of any power. And it makes sense, we grew up in the independent woman era where we were told we don't need a man. But if you want to be married, you do hunny. And God created the husband and wife relationship to enrich our lives. Submission is not intended to belittle you as a person or to give a man the right to walk all over you. It's purpose is to give you covering and protection from having to deal with large life decisions and tasks on your own. There's so much beauty in submission when it's done the RIGHT WAY. (Heather Lindsey has a great blog post on submission that goes in deeper on the subject! Check it out here:

So this is an area that we as women need to work on in ourselves BEFORE we get married so that we can avoid that problems that come as a result of not understanding this.


Contrary to popular belief, a real man likes to be the chaser. So you may be pursued by numerous men within your single season. So, how do you know that he's the one? How do you know whether God sent him or if he's just a distraction?  Well, first, you have to have standards!! You shouldn't entertain every Tom. Bob, and Harry that gives you a little bit of attention. Not only is it distracting you from your purpose but it is also lowering your worth. A real man, a Godly man, doesn't want to be with a woman who's dated everyone he knows. It also makes it more likely that you'll get into a wrong relationship that will end in heartbreak, prolonging the time you meet your husband because you need to be healed from that relationship before He can put you in the one He's ordained for you. Like I said in my last post, God doesn't want trust issues and drama in our relationships, so He'll wait until you're ready.

I always learned, and now suggest, that you have a list of non-negotiables in what characteristics you want your husband to have. Allow the Lord to lead you in making this list, of course, but have fun with it! But honest with yourself about the things you really want your husband to have! And then PRAY ON THESE THINGS. I began praying for my husband when I was 16 years old. Ask God for the things on the list, pray over his health, his career, his purpose, his family. Not only will you see the fruit of your prayers when you get together, but this will also help keep you FOCUSED. When some guy comes along and tries to get your attention. You can compare him with your list and know right away whether he's a distraction or not. Also, you will have PEACE about the relationship. My first serious relationship was with a guy who literally treated me like a queen but I was SO UNHAPPY in the relationship. I knew deep down inside that is could not last because I didn't trust him enough to lead me AND he was missing a few things off my list. At the time I was like, "well, he's pretty close, those really weren't super important anyway." Come to find out, they really were and I now see that I compromised and it led to a whole lot of drama that I could have avoided had I just stuck with my standards. Have faith and know that God is faithful to give you everything your heart desires! You don't have to compromise!!


"A woman should be a man's sanctuary." When I first read this quote, it just hit my heart and sat on it! So much so that I posted it on my facebook and guess who the majority of the people were who liked it...MEN!!! Ladies, men recognize the power we have on them! Why do you think so many married men will constantly say "happy wife, happy life?" We are to be our man's good thing. So this is where you need to check yourself about whether or not you are a good thing. Sanctuary is defined as a place of refuge or safety. It is often referenced as a place of peace. So do you add peace to the lives of those around you? Or do you bring trust issues, or neediness, or nagging, or strife into people's lives? Calling these things out in your single season will make your relationship go so much smoother!

I Corinthians 7:34 says "The unmarried woman cares for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit: but she that is married cares for the things of the world, how she may please her husband". Pray and ask God to show you the areas of yourself that you need to work on or surrender over to Him to become holy in body and spirit. From my experience, once you truly start focusing on God and making yourself better through Him, He'll send your man your way. (Just make sure he meets your standards before you go planning a life with him in your head ;)

So that's all my friends! Thanks so much for reading! I know this was a long one but it also was a long time coming. By the way, I'm moving to Houston, TX in 12 days!! Please keep me in your prayers that I have a smooth transition into this next phase in my life! I'll be praying for you all as well. =)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lessons I've Learned from my Relationship (thus far)

Hello world!!

It's been a while...okay, a good while, I know. I've really been slipping but God has been placing so many different things on my heart lately and pushing me to get back into posting to my blog. So starting today, no more excuses! I am rededicated to posting to my blog once a week! (Now hold me accountable people =)

So this morning, my boyfriend of two years called me on his way to work. We talked for a few minutes and then he prayed over us for the day and he hung up and continued his drive to work and I rolled over to go back to sleep. However, I found myself just up...and I felt God speaking to me about this blog...he told me to reflect on my relationship and write down what I have learned thus far in my relationship with here it is! No rhyme, reason, or order to this list, I'm just writing it down as it comes to here we go!


Interesting way to start, huh? Well, this probably has been my most recent, but most fulfilling, revelation I've had in our relationship. As Christians, there should never be anything more in this life that we want more than Christ...if we do, that thing, person, job, or whatever is an idol in our lives. Now, I know you may be like, "but I don't worship my boyfriend, I just love him and when you love somebody you spend time with them." True, but how much time are you spending with God? Are you more willing to sacrifice your time with Christ to spend time with your boyfriend than you are to do the opposite? Does the thought of breaking up scare you? If so, then honey, that person is an idol in your life and you need to check yourself about them now.

It took me a while...but I finally started praying the prayer that so many people will tell you changes your life. I prayed "Lord, remove anyone in my life you have not ordained to be in it. Close all doors that need to be closed and open all doors that you want opened." Now, did this scare me? YES! I had already invested so much into my relationship with James, to think that it could just end in a blink of an eye kinda sucked. But then I realized...there is no safer place to be than in the will of God. So if being with James is not God's will for my life, I know He'll make it easy for me to let it go and that there's something much better in store. Well, you see we're still together right? ;) But even to this day I pray that prayer. As much as James and I talk about the future, it's always qualified by, if it's God's will. So that prayer has become a lot easier. At the end of the day, I know that the only thing that truly matters in my life and my happiness is Christ. So whether I have a boyfriend or not, I will always have everything that I need. (Now, God knows I desire to be married so I don't worry about being single forever or anything either.) And I know that God loves me wayyyyy too much to just allow pain in my life so I can trust that whatever He's up to it's something better than any of my plans.


Now, let me step on my soapbox for a minute...
James and I have been together for 2 years. In those two years, I can count on one hand how many arguments we've had. There has never been any drama. We have never allowed the sun to go down on our wrath (aka went to bed angry). And we have truly fallen in love over and over again throughout our relationship. Sounds like a fairy tale? Well guess's not. This is how God intended for our relationships to be! This is what bothers me so much about Today's pop-culture and media. It glamorizes drama, struggles, and heartache in a relationship! I mean, where are the shows about a happy couple without any manipulation or deceit in trying to get the other to do what they want to do or without any trust issues or any of that crap?! God wants our relationships to be another reflection of His love for us...and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that God's love, agape love, has no deceit, lying, or drama in it at all.  I mean, really, how can we watch these shows and fall in love with these TERRIBLE relationships. Scandal, for example, Olivia Pope is a sad woman, in every sense of the word. And women have the nerve to desire a life like that?! WHAT?!?! Talk about our eyes being blinded by Satan! You're desiring heartache and pain and suffering! All things Christ died for so that we wouldn't have to experience. God's desire for your life is to have a fulfilling relationship with Him at the center, without any mess. And yes, sacrifice is a part of being in a relationship but you should NEVER have to give up part of yourself for someone else. I was always told that your spouse and you will have aligned if for some reason "making it work" requires too much sacrifice on either end, then I urge you to pray the prayer in #1 and see if God keeps that person in your life.

Okay, now that I got that out...I'm not saying James and I have this perfect, fairy tale relationship, because we don't. All relationships take work but we're willing to work at it. And when we do, keeping Christ and prayer at the center of our relationship, it is just so easy to avoid all the drama and just enjoy the love and friendship that we have. Which brings me to my next point...


Now, before you go getting defensive...I urge you to try this approach and see how it works for you. I can almost guarantee that you will be happier. I remember reading something from Heather Lindsey, I believe, about relationships and she said that instead of praying for God to change someone else, ask God to help you deal with the situation or person more like He would. WOOH. I was at a point in my relationship where I was constantly thinking about things I wanted James to do differently in certain situations and just stirring up discontentment in my heart (shame on me.) So this was an on time word. I went to God and just told him everything that I was feeling, but instead of complaining, I asked him to help me love James and see James more like He loves and sees James. I also asked God to show me how I can be a better girlfriend and wow...that changed my whole perspective at that point. I have known for a while now that only God can change a person so there's no point in trying to change someone else but it wasn't until that moment that I truly decided to begin changing myself. I meditated on scriptures that helped my development such as "a soft answer turns away wrath" and be "quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger" and I became so much happier in my relationship. I want to point out too that as women we have a lot of power in the relationship. The bible talks about how a wife can lead her husband to the Lord by her lifestyle and how she interacts with him. It's all about perspective. You can choose to be discontent over things you can't change or you can choose to be happy and change the things you can change in yourself.


So I realized at one point in our relationship that I was becoming a nag (inserts dramatic DUN DUN DUHNN and screams). Then God showed me that nagging doesn't produce anything fruitful in a relationship. So, I believe it was Heather again, who ministered to me by saying to pray for your mate earnestly, not in anger or bitterness, but in love. This is one way that you may realize the truth in #3, but it also WORKS. I remember feeling like James wasn't as romantic as he used to be and I wasn't feeling appreciated so I prayed to God just that he would show both of us how to better meet the others needs. I promise you within a week God answered that prayer and has been ever since. I have such a romantic man ;) Now, if I had gone to James complaining about how he didn't appreciate me I'm positive the outcome wouldn't have been the same. There is so much amazing power in keeping God at the center of your relationship. Wooh, He's good.

Okay, that's I have for now. I hope this has blessed you in some way. This felt so good...I can't wait to post again next week! Love you all! <3

Sidenote: For anyone struggling with sexual purity, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend reading Pure Heart by Shellie R. Warren. This book breaks some serious chains...even if you're not struggling... I recommend you read it! It's a life changer!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Are you REALLY a Christian?

Hola world!!'s been 5 months since my last post...that's sad! It's crazy how we can get busy and just let time pass us by. But I have some good excuses as to where I've been! First, I started Pinky Promise HU right after my last blog post and it has been an AWESOME experience! God is really moving through this group of young ladies and I'm so thankful to have been the vessel God used to bring us together! Also, I had my internship this summer with Phillips 66 in Houston, TX! I met some great people, worked on a challenging project, and ultimately received a full-time job offer upon my graduation next year! God is so good!! Lastly, God blessed me with a scholarship that will guarantee that I graduate from Howard University DEBT FREE!!! (PRAISE BREAK!)(*inserts shouting music*) Now, I say all of that not to brag on myself but to brag on my GOD! If he did it for me, he will do it for you to! Just pray, believe, and receive! 

Since I've been gone though I've had a lot of different things I want to discuss on here on my mind! Today I'm going to start with Romans 8 which I decided to study this morning and just really hit me hard as I read it!

Now, I'm sure many of you probably read the title of this post and said...uhm yeah, duh. But today, I want to go beyond that question and ask HOW? How do you know that you are a Christian?...........Really! Take a moment and answer that for yourself. How do I know that I'm a Christian?

Snaps and claps for those who said, "well, I believe in my heart and confessed with my mouth that Christ is risen from the dead." Yay you! You've been taught salvation well! But guess what...salvation doesn't just magically make you a Christian! Christian by definition means follower of Christ and I'm sure you can think of a few people off the top of your head who are "saved" but don't follow Christ.

So, are you REALLY a Christian? That will require a deeper look into what it means to be a Christian. Now, I could write for YEARS on everything the bible says on what it means to follow Christ and spiritual discipleship but today, I want to just begin with Romans chapter 8 and a one simple things that the Lord requires of us if we are to identify ourselves as Christians.

Romans 8:1 says "This is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit."

There it is! The first key: Those who are in Christ Jesus (Christians), walk NOT after the FLESH, but after the SPIRIT. Just as we know a tree by it's fruit, people will know a Christian by his walk! Verse 5 says "For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit [mind] the things of the Spirit." To break this down into everyday terms - What does your heart long after? Why do you make decisions? What is leading you on a daily basis? Your flesh (mind, body, emotions, etc) or the Spirit of God who lives in you?

Now, I could make this a really long blog post but I won't. I just ask that you examine your heart! I don't know about you but it drives me crazy that so many people have hardened their heart to Christ because of what they've seen so-called Christians do! And it makes me sick to see so many "Christians" struggling when God has already provided all of our needs! He wants us to be prosperous so that we can reach more people and save our world! Verses 2-4 of Romans 8 talk about how Jesus DIED so that we could be free from the curse of the law and live the blessed lives he wants us to live but only if we FOLLOW HIM!

So, if you consider yourself a Christian I ask that you examine your heart, your motives, and your actions and decide whether you're really living up to that title. We all have work to do and need to make a DAILY effort to crucify our flesh and follow Christ but are you really making an effort?

And if you're not a Christian, I want to introduce you to my very best friend! I know that Christianity may not always get the best reputation because of the people who call themselves Christians, but the fact of the matter is CHRISTianity is about CHRIST, not people and people will always be crazy but Jesus will always be perfect. He is waiting on you with open arms. God wants to have a relationship with you and just like building a relationship with another person it requires spending time with him, talking to him (through prayer), and learning more about him through his word (the bible). He loves you more than you will ever know or can even imagine and in him there is fullness of joy!

If you want to receive him as your personal Lord and Savior just say these simple words out loud and believe them in your heart:
"Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus I come to you today to give you my life. I confess with my mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in my heart that God has raised him from the dead. I repent of sin by turning away from it and I receive you, Lord. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer, for answering my prayer, and for saving me now!" 
CONGRATULATIONS! You are now saved!! I encourage you to, first, get a bible if you don't already have one! Commit to spending time reading your bible and praying every day. Additionally, find a church home where you will be taught the word and encouraged in your Christian walk. Lastly, find/ask God for a friend to walk with you, pray with you, and hold you accountable on this journey! God has such a bright future for you!! Get excited!! Welcome home!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Be Intentional, Be Contagious

Well hello there! Man, it's been a while...sorry guys, these past few weeks just seemed to get away from me...and I definitely have had this tab open with the title of this post up for over two weeks now. (smh) I promise I will get back on it!

Anywho, for anyone who pays attention to some of my social media, you may have noticed that I was talking a lot about how I've chosen to live my life being intentional. Now probably over a year ago, one of my good friends posted that as his status and at the time I was like, that's cool, and kept it moving. But during my reflection time at the end of last year that phrase just kept popping up in my spirit so I really took time to meditate on it and the depth that I found in those two words have already changed my life.

B E   I N T E N T I O N A L .

Meaning, whatever you do, do it with purpose. I've realized that so much of my time was wasted on time-fillers, things that I just did to do, not for any particular purpose. And when I really realized that my days are numbered, thinking of all the time I've wasted NOT making an impact on the world was sickening to me. I've always been one to look at the big picture...if someone were to ask me what I want out of life, I would be able to simply say to leave a legacy that empowers future generations. That's it. I don't necessarily want to be remembered but I know God has called me to make a mark on this world and that is so much bigger than me!! Every now and then, a girl who I may see every so often but never really talk to will come up to me and tell me that I inspire humbling is that??? It just goes to show that every move we make, someone is watching... and someone's salvation could depend on our obedience! So how can we not live an intentional life???

Then, about a few weeks ago, Pastor Michelle Butler posted a video before her message on being contagious. Well that was just the icing on the cake to my meditation on being intentional!


 adjective \-jəs\

Definition of CONTAGIOUS

: communicable by contact : catching <contagious diseases>
: bearing contagion <contagious people>
: used for contagious diseases <a contagious ward>
: exciting similar emotions or conduct in others <contagiousenthusiasm>
— con·ta·gious·ly adverb
— con·ta·gious·ness noun

WOW...did that just spark something inside of you? Cause it definitely did for me! I mean when was the last time that something you did excited a similar emotion or conduct in others? Now, let's be clear, there are many people who are very contagious but in negative ways - and how much sense does that make?! As Christians we have all of the answers because we have Jesus and the Holy Spirit! Jesus lives on the inside of us! Meaning we have is JOY, his LOVE, his PEACE on the inside of us!! That should be communicable by contact! When people interact with you they should be able to catch that! I mean, we are all inspired by the Josephs and Moses' and Sarai's of the bible but we don't ever that that God has called us to be just like them! He wants our lives to inspire others to be more like him...and that's an honor we can not deny and can not take lightly!

How to live an intentional, contagious life:

  1. Take a good, hard look at yourself and the things you do and truly analyze why you do them. Is it just because? It it because that's what everyone else is doing? Is it to make yourself feel better about yourself? Everything you do should have a defined purpose and somehow that purpose should lead back to living a life that pleases God. 
  2. Think before you act. It's not enough so just "do" anymore. We must have a sense of direction with our actions. What do you want to be the outcome and how do you plan on making it happen? Be sure to follow through.  
  3. Spend time with God. This is most important! It is through our relationship with him that we'll know what his plans for our life are and once we know that it's a lot easier to start planning and taking the steps towards making that vision a reality. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Change isn't change until you change.

Pretty simple right? Right and wrong. You know, change is one of the most feared things in the world. It causes uncertainty and makes people uncomfortable but most times, it also causes GROWTH.

Lately I've been faced with a lot of things I need to change in my life and made me think about how so many people come to me wanting to change things about themselves but it takes them YEARS to finally change. I've been there before and I thank God for the changes he's made in me that have caused me to get out of such cycles.

Transparency moment - So in my prayer time, God really revealed to me that I am self-righteous. Now, this was something I thought I'd got pass in high school when I worked on becoming humble. However, he showed me that way too often I'll be listening to a sermon or reading a book and as I'm reading it I'll be thinking "oh, so-and-so needs to read this" or "hm, whatshisname needs to be here right now" instead of what I should be thinking "wow, this is good, how can I apply this to my life to be more Christ-like" so that's something I'm working on. But you know, that causes a deliberate change in thinking.

I'm sure you all know, your thoughts are one of the hardest things to change, but it's where your freedom begins! If you can change your thoughts, you can truly live life abundantly, as Christ died for us to live! So how do you do that? Dying daily!

I've kind of been meditating on this for a while now (clearly not as much as I should) because I grew up hearing the phrase but not truly understanding what it meant but finally I realized, changing my thoughts, choosing to be intentional in my Christian walk, that's dying daily.

Whenever a negative thought about yourself comes into your head, cast it down and replace it with a scripture! If you're not in that point in your faith yet where you can roll it off the tongue, replace it with something simple and positive, such as "I'm beautiful," or "I'm patient," or "I need to change" (pride.) Even if you don't believe it yet, know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Press into his word, into his presence and be intentional in growing in Christ!

Change isn't change until you change. Saying you want it isn't going to make it happen. So what are you waiting on? CHANGE.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hey Daddy =)

So I just wanted to take the time to write about talking to God. Throughout this week I realized that I was starting to become religious (dun, dun, dunnnnnnn!!!! *insert terror scream*) For those who don't know what I mean by that...I mean religious in the sense of worshiping tradition and getting stuck in the what and not the who. So through my reading of Pink Lips and Empty Hearts (yep, another plug, this book is just too good lol) God revealed this to me:

So many people look at God as he CEO of the world. Like we must be proper and prim and completely prepared to speak with him. Like we must be brief because he's a busy man and he has lots of other things to do......NO!! NO! NO! NO!!!

God desires a RELATIONSHIP with you! A true relationship with you! You wouldn't go talking to your friend or significant other like that so why do you go to God as this facade of who you want him to see you as? He already knows your dirt, no need to try to cover it up with pretty words lol

We need to talk to God as ourselves about our lives! I used to find this weird until I actually tried it. When I wake up, instead of getting down on my knees and saying "Oh most holy God, alpha and omega, beginning and the end, first and the last, God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, thank you."
I don't talk like that...ever, so why would I when I come to God?
I say "Good morning daddy, thank you for waking me up this morning!" and then go into my prayer time.

You see, when you talk to him as if he is more real than your friends around you (which he is), then it become so much easier to truly be in a relationship with him! The bible tells us that God desires constant communication with us and speaks to us daily if we just take the time to listen. So we should go throughout our day just talking with God! When you are facing a decision throughout the day and you don't know what to do, instead of asking your carnal friends say "Daddy, should I choose paper or plastic?" Now clearly, that's a little trivial, but you get my point! You may not always get the answer right away or hear his voice, but it will put you in communication with the MOST HIGH GOD! - I mean WOW!!! How cool is that?!?!

Personally, I love this! Me and God talk like homies!! How much better can it get? Being able to talk to the guy who has all the answers!!! And yes, sometimes he gets frustrated with me and sometimes I get frustrated with him but just knowing that he is there and I can take any and everything to him whenever I want to is such a beautiful thing!!! He always has my best interest in mind. He's the best friend I have and truly my daddy =)

Make him yours too today! Look to the sky and say "Hey Daddy =)"

Beautiful Life in Death Pt.1

Wow!!! I have had over 100 views on my blog with just my first two posts!! Look at God!!! I pray that each and every person who reads my blog is blessed and that it causes you to reflect on your relationship with Christ. For it is through him that we have life, and have it more abundantly!

This past week has been pretty cool for me. My boyfriend and I decided to not see each other this week and use the time we usually spend together with God. I used a lot of that time in the book I mentioned last week, "Pink Lips and Empty Hearts" by Heather Lindsey and I must say, I already feel the changes in my life. I am earnestly longing to be more like Christ and and to increase my personal ministry. I ask God every day to show me what I need to change in order to grow and it's been enlightening. I highly encourage every woman who is truly seeking a relationship with God to read Heather Lindsey's book!

Now, in this post I want to dive into a topic that is glorified and often people never even scratch the surface and in my prayer, reading, and meditation time this week, I've had some beautiful revelations. (Now, please know I'm just writing lol I have no idea which direction this post will go in so bear with me while I allow Holy Spirit to lead me)

Anyone who is close to me knows I am no stranger to death. I have lost many people in my life, some very close, some not as close but because of this, at a young age I learned how to lean on God and to look at death in a new way. I feel we often forget that Jesus walked this earth as we did and he can relate to us more than any other human can. Jesus actually experienced death, knowing it was coming, going through it himself, and came out of it victorious so who better to talk to then the expert?

And I learned the beauty of life that is in death. You see, the bible talks about dying in two different senses...
1. Death that Jesus experienced by which we are made free 
2.Our personal death to sin and the flesh by which we can live free 

This week I'll discuss the first kind of death because it's the one most people are familiar with. But I feel we often forget what this really means. Romans 6 opens up saying "Since we have died to sin, how can we continue to live in it? Or  have you forgotten that when we were joined with Christ Jesus in baptism, we joined him in his death." We often go through life claiming Christ as our Lord and forgetting he is our Savior...
What do I mean by that?
I mean we often try to carry our own burden, try to change who we are or our situations without his help. Yet that is why he died! So that we wouldn't have to carry our own burdens and go through these times (good or bad) without a Savior! He died and now lives so that we can LIVE. Yet so many of us walk around dead inside. Void of the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, longsuffering, temperance, goodness, faith, meekness, and gentleness) that have been freely given to us for our enjoyment but most importantly, we walk around void of the Holy Spirit.
Today, I studied Romans 8 which is all about the life we have in Christ THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT. It really bothers me that so many churches do not teach Holy Spirit when it is clearly all up and throughout the bible. John 14:26 tells us that the Holy Ghost is a gift sent from God for our help! So why do we try to ignore it as if we can pick and choose which parts of the bible are important and which aren't??? But I digress...we can talk more about the Holy Spirit at a later date...

So what I'm saying Christ's death all of the filth and sinful nature that is in us died with him. We don't have to live in constant lamentation of self or feeling anything other than the joy and freedom that come from his glorious resurrection!! In him we are FREED, LOVED, ACCEPTED, and MADE NEW!!! All we have to do is accept his amazing love!!! So I challenge you to each day accept him as your savior and not just your lord! And use the precious gift of the Holy Spirit as our comforter and helper to lead you and guide you throughout the day.
Don't get comfortable, keep pressing!

If you know me you will also know that I LOVE Oraia Speaks and her ministry. She's an anointed, spirit-filled powerhouse of a spoken word artist and in the video below she does two of her pieces. The first one talking about death to self called "Die Hard and Live Free" and the second about Christ's death called "It is Finished." I encourage you to watch and listen, it'll bless you!